Baabte believes that quality is evolved through asserting strengths, bringing in innovation and improving processes. We believe in a seamless customer experience of easy engagement and quick solutions. We aspire to create new opportunities for our clients by introducing innovative new products, initiating transformational process changes. We offer various products like E-Learning System, Sales tracking software, Online Exam software, School software for students to improve their academic performance & Lead management software.


99LMS is an E-Learning platform designed to deliver, track and certify online courses and training. 99LMS helps to automate the academic processes of an institution. It has integrated online tests and assessments. It also helps teachers to take attendance, publish lesson plans, enter marks , publish results, give assignments to students , track their assignment status. Parents can view the details of the student and communicate with the teachers , students using mobiles. Feedback from parents can be collected easily.

Sales management software is a cloud based sales tracking tool for SME's for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales pipeline and contacts.
Increase sales: Never miss a lead or opportunity and get the ability to forecast your sales across products, territories, and other dimensions.
Increase customer satisfaction: Manage sales entitlements, SLA's, and track customer complaints. A happy customer means more business.
Know your opportunities better: The complete history of your interaction with customer and activities can be saved and retrieved from anywhere in the world. This gives you a 360 degree overview of your opportunity which enables you to decide the best strategy to win deals against your competition.

Users Of Techonology To Creators Of technology

Cybersquare is an educational platform that offers K1 to K12 students to develop expertise in programming through visual coding and Python programming language. Cybersquare curriculum is designed for children aged 4 to 17. We offer combination of different courses/modules depend up on the student skill set.

IDENTIFY PROGRAMMING TALENT is a software training divsion which offers courses and internship programs in technologies like Angular, Python, PHP, Java and Android in Calicut, Kerala. The aim is to reduce unemployability of tech students and to help them to start their career in software industry. Companies find it either hard or expensive to reach out to the talent outside the metros. Freshers from other regions have to go through a lot before they are able to prove themselves before a company. BAABTRA, the regional talent's door to the software universe, facilitates this communication and helps the best get to the best!


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